Veterans Helping Veterans


Hamper Program


Building hampers for our Veterans is the core of our charity. We have members who rely on them year round to get by. For convenience, we offer two options to get involved with our hamper program.

Build a hamper

Building a hamper is a great team building activity! Each person purchases items from the list, then the group comes together to assemble it, adding personal touches. Once the hamper is completed, it can be hand delivered to a Veteran, helping them put away the items if required. Some Veterans do not have the mobility or opportunity to interact with others. When a hamper is delivered, the opportunity to visit is what they often look forward to. If hand delivery is not viable, we can also pick up the hamper.

Sponsor a hamper

If building your own hamper to donate isn't feasible, you can sponsor one instead! The average cost to build a hamper is approximately $450. Just make a cheque out to the Veterans Association Food Bank, and let us know who to the hamper is from.

What goes in a hamper?

In addition to hamper items, we also include gift cards for the Veterans to purchase perishable or other items they may require. 

Need a hamper?

If you're a Veteran in need of a hamper, please contact us at 403-FOR-VETS, or stop by the food bank during office hours. Hampers are available for pick-up anytime. Proof of service required if possible.