Veterans Helping Veterans


About Us


Our Mission

To provide assistance to those that were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and rights. To implement programs in a safe, welcoming environment, a place they can call home. To build strong relationships within the Veteran Community and regain the sense of Brotherhood that has been lost for some.  To never forget that when they need us, under no circumstances, will they be denied.  To encourage our Veterans to unmask that silent voice and let them be heard.


We strive to:

  • Treat all Veterans with dignity and respect
  • Operate a food bank that will sustain the needs of our Veterans
  • Ensure a global assessment is offered, and provide all Veterans access to all or any programs available to them
  • Engage in community events that will generate funds for present and future programs
  • Continually encourage all Veterans to be a part of the Veterans helping Veterans initiative
  • Ensure that ALL donations made to the Veterans Association Food Bank go directly to support the Veterans

Future Plans

Since the inception of this project, there has been an overwhelming response from the Veteran community. Listening to other Veterans, one theme emerged, instead of others telling them what they need, they wanted their own voice. That voice is the Veterans Association Food Bank. Veterans helping Veterans

The Food Bank is a stepping stone to implementing and incorporating new initiatives that will benefit all Veterans. Some ideas we would like to implement in the future, include:

  • Memberships
  • Honor Guard
  • Volunteer club
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Adopt a Veteran
  • Veteran-only AA meetings
  • Educating and sharing with youth
  • Sports Teams

Board of Directors

President - Greg Paul - United Nations, peace keeping pilot Veteran

(1st) Vice President - Dan McLean - Cold War, Air Force Veteran

(2nd) Vice President - Howard Leong- Infantry Veteran -Served in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan as a civilian

Treasurer- Pete Domshy - Veteran, 22 years with the PPCLI

Secretary - Laura Vanderkruk - Civilian passionate about helping Veterans


We are not affiliated with The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary, The Magic of Christmas, or Allan Reid. Our Association is supported and operated by Veterans with 100% of donations going directly to the Food Bank and Veterans programs.